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Authoritah update

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I’ve pushed a couple of changes to my Authoritah gem recently that hope to make it a bit more useful. Firstly I’ve fixed using Procs that access the controller for testing whether an action is permitted or not:

class WidgetController < ApplicationController
  forbids :current_user => {|user| == params[:id }

This now works as expected.

I have also added the ability to change the outcome of an authorisation failure rather than always returning a 404. You can now use the on_reject option to customise the behaviour, as follows:

class WidgetController < ApplicationController
    permits :current_user => :logged_in?, :on_reject => :redirect_to_login
    forbids :current_user => :blacklisted?,
            :from => [:create, :destroy],
            :on_reject => { redirect_to '/blacklisted' }

    def redirect_to_login
      flash[:notice] = "Please login to view widgets"
      redirect_to root_url

I hope these changes prove useful.


Written by spanx

18th November, 2009 at 1:45 pm

Posted in Code

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